Miguel Jasso
Banquet Services Manager

Miguel brings years of hands-on service experience to the leadership team at The Ashton Depot, Fort Worth’s preeminent event venue and catering company. Miguel oversees the day-to-day operations of all on and off-site catering events. Miguel is expert at deploying his highly skilled service team and assessing each area of the food and beverage operation. With more than 20 years in the industry, Miguel’s background spans from small independently owned boutique restaurants to large franchise Hotels producing over 10 million in annual revenues. Miguel has been recognized throughout his career for service excellence, quality, presentation and attention to detail.

Miguel’s commitment and desire to provide the ultimate customer experience is marked through his training and leadership skills, giving each event the expected Ashton Depot service that is second to none.

Shirlee J Gandy
Owner & COO

Shirlee J. Gandy is a real estate investor, developer, and community leader with a passion for public service and historic preservation. After earning a bachelor’s degree in political science from UT Arlington, she became a political consultant. She later shifted focus to work with nonprofits on behalf of women, children, and those with mental health issues. A former president of the Mental Health Association of Texas, Gandy has devoted many hours to volunteer leadership and served on the boards of numerous organizations. As a result of her efforts, she was presented with the prestigious J.C. Penny Golden Deed Award for outstanding community service; was named one of the “Great Women of Texas” by a major business publication, and was featured as one of the “Women Who Run Fort Worth” by her city’s magazine. Her revitalization of three historic properties in downtown Fort Worth- now the Ashton Hotel, Santa Fe Freight Station and the Ashton Depot- earned her many awards in the community as well, including Downtown Fort Worth Inc.’s Trailblazer Award and Safe Haven’s 2010 Legacy of Women in Business.

Shirlee J. Gandy currently serves as President of RPM Commercial at Fort Worth and serves in a leadership role on the University of Texas at Arlington’s Development Board. Shirlee and her husband Taylor most recently led the campaign to establish the JFK Tribute in General Worth Square on Main Street downtown Fort Worth to preserve an important piece of both Fort Worth and American history.

Cesar Gallegos
Executive Chef

Known for bringing a distinctive flair to every dish with a focus on creating fresh, authentic cuisine colored by different international traditions, Chef Gallegos says, “It’s in the details that real flavors come out. Your style is defined by the risks you take and the flavors you invent.”

Chef Gallegos has been recognized at both the March of Dimes Signature Chefs Auction and the Texas legislator’s event for “Best Food and Chef Station.”

With more than 15 years of experience in upscale resort and hotel foodservice venues, Gallegos is well-equipped to delight guests at The Ashton Depot. His positions and responsibilities have varied throughout his years in the industry and Gallegos is committed to an outstanding fine-dining experience in any environment.